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Dictionary.com defines “merry” as being “full of cheerfulness or gaiety; joyous in disposition or spirit; festively joyous”.

My mother was merry. It was second nature to her, that joyous disposition. And her cheerfulness was contagious. Even as she battled breast cancer — and it truly was a battle — she said on more than one occasion, “I’m not sick…I just have cancer!” And she meant it. It wasn’t bravado to make her family less frightened, it was her own merry spirit shining through adversity.

It was part of what drove her to make the holidays so special for her loved ones. Birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…she loved preparing for the holidays, loved gathering “just right” presents, having us all together. She was merry, and she made our time together merry, too.

Being merry is contagious…infect someone you love every day!