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Dictionary.com defines “robust” as “strong and healthy; hardy; vigorous”.

Looking around the garden this spring the most robust things I see are the weeds! Crabgrass, dandelion, foxglove, chickweed, spurge — you name it, it is thriving! And since our city enacted stringent watering regulations last week, allowing for lawn watering (for even-numbered addresses) only on Sunday for a maximum of thirty minutes, I rather doubt that the freshly seeded grass will be able to compete with the weeds. I stealthily water the flower bed every third day with the hose, jealously guarding the amount of water it uses in exchange for the beauty of pansies, lobelia, iris, and lavender.

Even more robust are the weeds in the front yard of our next door neighbor’s house. A true testament to the hardiness of weeds — especially crabgrass — the house next door has apparently been abandoned, as no one has been there for at least three weeks. So no matter how hard we try to make our yard beautiful, it is overshadowed by weeds three feet tall that are thriving on neglect. And the back yard is worse; fortunately I only see it as I am hanging laundry out to dry next to our shared fence.

Slightly lower on the “robustness” scale is the gardener…no, in truth I am plenty strong and healthy, but mostly lazy! I love the gardening part, and envy legendary master gardener Thalassa Crusoe’s team of laborers who kept her gardens ready to be planted. The weather for the next several days is supposed to drop into the mid-70’s (from the high 80’s we have been experiencing), so I should be able to make some progress digging vegetable garden beds. My veggies will be late this year — no matter how short the growing time needed, they can’t get started until I plant their seeds!

How is your garden? Are your veggies and flowers robust, or just the weeds?