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Merriam-Webster Online defines “unusual” as “Not normal or usual; different or strange in a way that attracts attention”.

I am thinking tonight about unusual things, and a list is forming in my mind. Here are a few of my favorite unusual things:

1) Elephants and giraffes. Long trunks and big ears, long necks and small ears; exotically unusual.
2) Tree frogs. Tiny critters with voices way too big for their bodies.
3) Antique books. In this day of mass production, hand-bound, leather-clad books are miraculously unusual.
4) Lily and Olivia. Incredibly smart and lovely, each in her own unusual way.
5) Chance, our furry family member. He is amazingly loyal, placid, and comfortable in his own fur.
6) Our family. Outstandingly drama-free, loving, caring…generation after generation of care and consideration that shouldn’t be unusual, but seems to be today.

I was shooting for 10 things, but my brain has stopped. So six is enough. Goodnight.