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Dictionary.com defines “vanishing” as “disappear[ing] from sight, especially quickly; go[ing] away, especially furtively or mysteriously”.

I’m writing early tonight just in case the crazy rainstorm we are enjoying takes out the electricity. I don’t want to miss a single day of the A-Z Challenge posts.

I thought I was done with lists, but this word just seems to lend itself to that format. So here goes.

1) Service stations with garages attached where you can actually have a mechanic listen to that weird noise your car is making, or make sure your tires are all properly aired up.

2) Critters in my yard. I can’t remember when I last saw a lizard, frog, or toad in the yard. We garden organically, but most of the neighbors don’t, and I think they have managed to kill all the critters.

3) Kids’ birthday parties where the mom just invites the children and their moms over to spend a couple of hours and play. Now everything has a theme and is a pretty big deal.

4) Wide open spaces. There is so much urban sprawl here…the towns are all running into each other.

5) Uncomplicated car engines.

6) Comfortable shoes that are narrow at the heel that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

7) Correspondents. Not people who email or FaceBook message each other, but who send actual hand-written letters through the US Postal Service. How will our grandchildren treasure old family letters if no one writes any?

8) Beautiful handwriting. Or handwriting at all. Some schools don’t even teach cursive writing…they say it has been made obsolete by the computer.

9) Teaching children how to think rather than what to think. And this will get worse as standardized testing continues to drive the education system in this country.

10) Educated and engaged voters. Such a small percentage of eligible voters take advantage of their opportunity to have a voice in our political future. Of course, it is hard to get really excited about an election when the candidates appear interchangeably bought and paid for.

That’s all for me tonight. Sweet dreams.