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Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a rabid Fresno State sports fan. Football, basketball, bowling, volleyball, baseball — if there is a Bulldog playing, I’m following. Even though, as my husband-who-lives-across-town is quick to remind me, I didn’t even graduate! But the time that I spent as a Fresno State student stands out as some of the happiest, most (relatively) carefree years of my life. Although I only attended one football game in person (an away game against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and we lost), I started paying attention to football by listening to the play-by-play on the radio back when Trent Dilfer was quarterback.

My first husband was also a rabid Fresno State fan. He lived and breathed Fresno State (and SF 49ers) Football. And if they watch football up in Heaven, I’m sure he was watching the NFL Draft tonight, as I was. The Bulldogs have had a family legacy with the Carr brothers; first David, who was drafted as a quarterback by the Houston Texans several years ago, and most recently Derek, who had a stellar career as a college quarterback and is now awaiting his turn in the NFL Draft. And there is a younger brother waiting in the wings.

And that is where my story sits and waits tonight. I watched Round One of the Draft tonight on television, and saw the glimpses of the Carr family and friends waiting and watching together in Bakersfield. This family is the real deal…close-knit, caring, wholesome. I watched as the television commentators raved about Derek’s abilities and what an asset he would be to a team needing a new quarterback, and I groaned as teams chose other QBs instead, or traded away their chances to other teams. Thirty-two times teams came forward and announced their pick, and thirty-two times Derek was not chosen. And at the end of the evening the Carr family and friends were all still there, still secure in the knowledge that, when the time was right, Derek would be chosen.

Round Two is tomorrow night, and I trust that the right team will choose a terrific quarterback for themselves. And when they do, there will be rejoicing. Bulldog born, Bulldog bred.