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Today was so very delightful! We started out quietly with Morning Prayer at church (our priest was taking a well-deserved weekend off), followed by a lovely time visiting with friends at coffee hour. Then the girls and I met their granddad at Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. This has become a bit of a tradition with the four of us, and gives them time together without any distractions beyond the ice cream.

A lengthy phone call from my son was a bonus. We don’t talk as often as I would like, but it is always a joy when we do.

With my daughter in the food service industry, we know how crazy nice restaurants are on Mother’s Day. So our choice of Subway sandwiches was sheer genius. We were the only ones there, and had a relaxing time sharing presents and cards. No line, no wait, no pressure to eat quickly so that the next people in line could have their meal.

Then we headed home and I spent the afternoon and evening watching in amazement as my talented and fearless daughter watched a video and created an amazing exploding box Mother’s Day card for one of her friends. Next project: creating centerpiece boxes for our upcoming “My Little Pony” themed birthday party for the girls. Having the entire day to spend together was such a gift…a perfect Mother’s Day for us both.

Of course, my mother and our grandmothers before her were on our minds and in our conversations today. They surrounded us with love when alive, and are with us in our memories. I think they were watching over us as we played together today and sending gentle messages of love and support. Mother’s Day has not been the same for me since Mom died, but we are re-shaping it into another form as we grow.

I think this was taken in front of my Great-Grandmother Bateman's house in Tucson, Az. in 1950.

I think this was taken in front of my Great-Grandmother Bateman’s house in Tucson, Az. in 1950.