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A couple of months ago (perhaps three is more like it) I bought myself a gym membership and for reasons I can only guess signed on with a personal trainer twice monthly. Since then I have been to the gym twice and met with said personal trainer once. His schedule, which was supposed to mesh with mine, does not, and I have been too lazy busy to do anything about switching trainers.

Anyway, today Georgia and I headed back to the gym. We did 20 minutes on the treadmill (my exercise of choice because I can read or watch television), then two rounds of the cardio circuit. So now, some six hours later, my poor body is screaming profanities at me thanks to muscles I had forgotten about.

I know that long term this will be good for me. But tonight it doesn’t feel good at all. It just feels achy. The silver lining? Somehow since my last trip to the gym I have lost five pounds! The trainer and I talked about my eating habits and I made some very small changes, including trying to eat breakfast fairly regularly, and I guess they are paying off.

I turn 65 five months from today. I have 19 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight, which translates into not quite four pounds to lose per month, or about a pound a week. I think this is doable!