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Today has been a teary-eyed day, off and on. A day of prayer and positivity as my best friend’s daughter, a young woman very dear to my heart, underwent surgery for a brain tumor three hours away from me. I stayed home and stewed, knowing she was in good hands, but wishing I could be there to support her family. Thank goodness for Facebook — I saw pictures of her smiling with her cheering squad as she entered the operating room, and smiling from her bed again, fresh from recovery. I cried tears of joy seeing her beautiful face as she smiled up at her husband.

And I listened with dismay to my granddaughter’s story of being hassled by classmates at school, hating the thought of anyone being mean to this precious child, and choking down the urge to “handle things” myself. I hope I gave her wise counsel as I encouraged her to advocate for herself and not take any crap from any of these second grade thugs. I will be glad when these last three weeks of school are over and we can simply be at home.

The cooling breezes are coming in; the temperature here is supposed to drop into the low 70s tomorrow, and then bounce to the upper 90s by the end of the week. At least the weather should not be 109 on Sunday for the girls’ combined birthday party, as it was that day last year!

And then there was our photo shoot. Olivia got a hold of my phone this morning and started setting up pictures, as she loves to do. I’ve been wanting a picture of my new haircut since I got it last week (see A New Haircut…Almost), and the first shots in my bedroom had too much background clutter. My whole bedroom has too much background clutter! So we ended up in the living room on the couch, where Miss Olivia was very concerned because there was “too much sunshine” coming in the window. Funny thing — this not-quite-four year old was right! Once we drew the curtains, the bright sunshine issue was solved. Anyway, for those of you curious about my new summery haircut, here it is.

My summer haircut, photo compliments of Miss Olivia.

My summer haircut, photo compliments of Miss Olivia.