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Once again I witnessed the power of love and generosity pour over this month’s honoree at Helping One Woman. Over $3,500 was raised to help the honoree in her continuing struggle with her health issues. Her family arrived early and decorated the entire ballroom, with small bouquets at the center of each dinner table, countless Tricky Tray and Silent Auction items, and photos of the honoree and her friends at each table.

The fun thing for me tonight was that I am no longer simply attending the dinners, but have joined Helping One Woman as a team member. My task was handing out dinner plates and door prize tickets, which meant that I had the pleasure of speaking to nearly all of the 168 guests.

The Visalia HOW gatherings have been steadily growing as guests who attend to honor a particular recipient decide to return the next month. The staff at the Marriott Hotel treat us so well and offer dinner at a drastically reduced price so that more money is available for the recipient.

I love the HOW motto:

“One woman with $10 can buy a friend lunch, 10 women with $10 can buy a woman and her family groceries, 100 women with $10 can make a huge difference in another woman’s life.”