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Photo Fun With Fawn

Today I would like to share a scrap of paper in Mom’s handwriting that I found when going through some of her things awhile back. Being able to preserve memories such as this is another reason why I scrapbook — and also why I blog! Had God’s timing been different, Mom would have become a blogger right along side me.

11/18/02 10:03 PM
Somehow today I have realized I feel like I’m really going to get through all this Dr-ing, radiation, etc.
Don’t know if it is the past 9 days of sunshine, which I’ve enjoyed more than I can say, the fact that there are only (?) 5 more treatments, or knowing that Dick and Margaret are going to Barbara’s & Lee’s 50th Ann. All help enormously I’m sure. Also off & on all day I’ve worked on getting the Treasure Room ready to accept all the “stuff” from…

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