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I am chairperson of our church rummage sale. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me — it would be surprising if I wasn’t chairperson. And this is crunch time, as this year’s sale is four days away. I’m actually getting a bit panicky, as right now we barely have enough “stuff” for a decent single-family yard sale, let alone a wonderfully exhilarating church-wide one! (So any St. Paul’s parishioners who might be reading this: Please answer the call for rummage.)

I was pretty proud of myself this morning. Some of you may have read here about my struggles with my “stuff”, and my quest to winnow it down to a more manageable size. (If you haven’t, click here or here to catch up!) This morning after taking Lily to school I headed to my storage room in just the right mood and turned three boxes of books into one, with the other two designated for the church sale. (I even donated another book about being a “messie”.) Then I brought home a banker’s box filled with tax receipts/returns from 2010 and earlier, and turned that box into a file about 3 inches thick, only keeping the tax returns themselves. A lovely little flowered trunk filled with miscellaneous rubber stamps and stamping-related items was emptied, the bulk of the stamps (now that I have discovered My Acrylix stamps I can’t stand the rubber-on-wood ones) donated to the sale, and the trunk headed that way, also. All I kept was the embossing gun and powders, some lovely glittery stuff, and cardstock — and they all fit into the banker’s box formerly filled with tax information.

I wish I could figure out a way to conjure up the “it is okay to let go of books” mood on demand. Every once in a while I find a mental space where I have permission to send books I have loved and sheltered for years out into the world to bless others. I let go of books this morning that on some level I thought I would always own. But life is too short to be bogged down by so much stuff that the majority of it is in a rented storage two miles away.

Tomorrow morning if the day doesn’t get too hot too soon I shall try to tackle a few more boxes. Our rummage sale needs more stuff, and I need more space.