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As of this morning, indoor soccer season is officially over at our house. The girls still have their awards presentation next week, but as I will be out of town, it doesn’t count (for me, at least).

They have enjoyed Naz Sports this year, as both girls played Coed Basketball and Indoor Soccer. but it will be lovely to be able to have lazy Saturday mornings all summer. Lily has been stressing during the season because there wasn’t a single night she could stay up late…school during the week, basketball or soccer Saturday mornings, and church on Sunday. Now the only early night will be Saturday, as I hate prying sleepy girls who stayed up too late out of bed.

When their mother was little, she was excited about taking ballet lessons on Saturday mornings. (We did Kenpo week nights, so dance then was out.) But it didn’t take very long to realize that this little girl who had to get up too early Monday through Friday to go to the sitter so that I could go to work was not the least bit interested in getting up early on Saturdays, too.

So on this “official” first day of summer Lily spent the afternoon with two friends from school, the first of many such visits now that she is heading into third grade. It was billed as a sleep-over, but we don’t know the family well, and generally our family only does sleep-overs with relatives. Olivia felt left out, as little sisters often do. I told her she should talk to her Aunt Melody, who could easily share her feelings. Lily and Olivia are camping out in the living room and staying up really late tonight, as is befitting the first day of summer vacation.

Tomorrow is the last recital rehearsal at the dance studio; Tuesday they will be at the theater, which will be a whole new ballgame for Lily. And Tuesday is her eighth birthday, too. And after that, the summer stretches out in front of us, full of promise and room for adventure.

Happy Summer!