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Today is my eighth anniversary of becoming a grandmother. Eight years ago our beautiful Liliana DeMurl was born, and with her I gained the coveted title of “Grammy”. My friends tried to tell me how amazing grandmothering would be, but their descriptions didn’t come close to capturing the wonder of it. From the moment she snuggled into my arms I knew I had finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up!

Lily (in her performance tee shirt) opening her card from Aunt Melody

Lily (in her performance tee shirt) opening her card from Aunt Melody

And today marks Lily’s stage debut, as she spent the bulk of her day in rehearsal and her birthday evening taking part in her first “official” dance recital. Her mom did an exquisite job on her makeup and hair, all three costumes were beautiful, and I doubt that anyone watching would have guessed that she has been taking lessons for only eight months.

I doubt that any camera captured it, but my heart will always remember the look on Lily’s face when she first glimpsed the ballerina dancing the part of Sylph as she came into the midst of the fairies in La Sylphide. Our little fairy’s mouth made a perfect “o” in amazement as the beautiful lady in white danced on stage. And this Grammy’s eyes filled with tears at her joy.

Tomorrow will go back to being just another summer day, and our dancer will start settling into being eight years old. But there will be dancing…lots more dancing…in her future, and her Grammy will be right there in the audience. I love being her Grammy.