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I nearly killed my iPhone today. Not on purpose, of course…I was simply trying to follow my daughter’s directions to update my phone and clear out some of the junk. (Yes, I know 1,041 photos saved to my phone is excessive. But I enjoy having them there to look at. And what harm can it do to have messages on my phone from two years ago?)

Anyway, I digress. I had to reinstall iTunes because there was a driver missing. And somehow in the process of updating my phone, the update failed, the screen went black, my heart started racing. The message in the box said, “Your iPhone is in recovery mode. Recovery may return it to its factory installed settings.” The bottom line was that I might lose all my contacts, my pictures, everything. I panicked. My sweet son-in-law who is very tech savvy tried a few things, to no avail. The verdict: Wait until Georgia gets home from work.

That wouldn’t be a problem, generally, but I was supposed to be heading for the coast no later than 2:00 p.m., and she was probably going to be home around 5:00. I finally calmed down enough to contemplate leaving the house without my phone…just as far as the grocery store. It is truly ridiculous how dependent I am on that phone, and scary it is to think about leaving home without it. I think I am addicted. For nearly thirty minutes I was unable to check the weather or the time, or make or return calls, or send or receive text messages. You would have thought I had a terminal illness or something!

This story has a happy ending. When I got home from the store, Georgia was home and had already recovered my phone as of the last back-up. Nothing was lost, but I did get a lecture on hoarding from my child. Unfortunately, I had it coming. And as soon as I get back from the coast, I shall sit down and do a major clear-out job on both my phone and my computer. I promise.