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If grandchildren were asked to nominate a someone for “Grammy of the Year” today, my name would not be in the running. This is an uncomfortable place for me to be, as I am far more used to being “Grammy the Magnificent”, as Lily dubbed me a couple of years back. But tonight I’m Mean Grammy, the one who insists on being spoken to respectfully and takes away privileges when they are abused.

This is not fun. I hate being strict, and I hate conflict. But I adore these two very intelligent little girls, and they need to know where the limits are — mine as well as theirs.

Tomorrow will be better. After a good night’s sleep we will all wake up refreshed and ready to tackle another day…and I’ll get the opportunity to re-earn my “Grammy the Magnificent” title. We won’t re-hash today’s battles except in passing, and we will all have grown just a bit.