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Today was one of those rare days that most often come in Summer, where the stars align “just so” and turn what might have been an ordinary day into an accidentally special one. I surprised my granddaughters with a trip to the Tulare County Library so that they could sign up for the summer reading program. As we arrived, mobs of people — mostly children — were pouring out the library’s front doors. Obviously we had just missed something wonderful.

I didn’t say much about the departing crowds, but found the Friends of the Library volunteer ladies at the sign-up table. After the girls received their goody bags and their reading logs, we headed deeper into the children’s wing so that each girl could go to her special side of the room: Olivia and the picture books to the East and Lily and the chapter books to the West. That’s when we realized that Eric, the Reptile guy, had just finished his program. Bummer! (He had visited us at Woodville School, so I knew what a wonderful program he presented.)

But he told us there would be another show at 3:00 p.m., and suggested we arrive as close to 2:00 as possible, since over 500 children had seen his morning show. We had just enough time to check out our books, drive back home and eat, and head back to the Library. We passed the time reading and visiting, and before too long the program began.

Starting with Madagascar hissing cockroaches (so gross) and ending with a beautiful python, the program was just the right blend of facts, fun, and humor. The emphasis was on READING about any pet you are considering, so that you are not confining an animal that should be roaming free, or buying a child a pet with a 40-60 year lifespan that will be cast off when the child gets to busy to care for it. Lily helped hold a Monitor, and was totally thrilled. Now she wants to have a reptile party for her birthday next year. (Mom might have other ideas!)

So our “accidental” day at the Library was a rousing success, and we came home ready to read the books checked out on the first go around. Here’s to many more such accidental days this summer.