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My friend at “Hope Fully Known” was writing about Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday challenge today, and it intrigued me. The idea is to spend five minutes writing, rather than making excuses, and today’s prompt is “release”.

When I started Trigger’s Horse a couple of years ago, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I knew that every once in awhile I would read someone else’s blog post and think, “I wonder if I could do that?” or “I could do that!” or eventually, “I want to do that!” And that’s how I got started with Trigger’s Horse. When I started blogging I let go of any preconceived ideas about what I wanted in a blog, or what my goals might be…I simply decided to sit down and start writing. And that is pretty much what I do every day. Somewhere in the day (usually at the very end, because that’s when life is the most quiet), I simply sit down and write.

Sometimes what I have to say resonates with my readers, sometimes I hear crickets after a post. But quite often the posts that really come from my toes (firmly connected to my heart) are the ones that engender the most comments. My readers appreciate honesty and openness, which seems to be what I do best.

The alarm just rang…my five minutes are up, and so is this post. Now to link it back to Lisa’s Five Minute Friday challenge, so that you can take a look at what other bloggers are doing.