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Summer has finally gotten to me. Not just summer, but a combination of activities that precludes staying in the house semi-cool.

My usual casual attire is jeans and a tee-shirt, quite often a tee emblazoned with a scrapbook-related message, such as, “If it’s not in the scrapbook, it didn’t happen” or “Scrapbook Ninja”. Not exactly haute couture, but appropriate. But my granddaughters have started swimming lessons and, because their teacher is a family friend rather than a swim school somewhere, the lessons have no designated stopping time. (Today they were in the water 2-1/2 hours.) Although I have been invited to wait in the air-conditioned house while they swim, watching is too much fun. Sitting poolside in jeans in 95+ degree weather, even with a fan going and an umbrella overhead, is HOT!

So today I broke down and went out of the house in a dress and sandals, hoping that no one I encountered would be snow-blinded by my glowingly white legs. The dress was much cooler than the jeans had been last week and, as far as I know, no bystanders were damaged by the sight.

This doesn’t mean I’m going dress shopping this week, as I still am much more at ease with my legs covered. But who know what might happen now that this barrier has been broken?