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Desperate times call for desperate solutions! I was cruising along, playing Candy Crush (yes, I am hooked), and having the game of my life. Then, with my score somewhere past the eight million point mark, my mouse stopped working. And as I was banging it against my hand (what else) to bring it back to life, I managed to kill the game entirely. Oh, dirty words and filthy phrases!

I revived my mouse by switching places with the batteries, but knew they were not long for this world. And before I could extricate myself from FaceBook and head to Trigger’s Horse, the batteries had died for good. After a brief search of the house and consultation with the other adults, we determined that there were no spare AA batteries anywhere close…and I was not going to do a Wal-Mart run in the middle of the night!

But I needed to blog, and I needed to put my computer to bed. And then came the stroke of genius: Steal the batteries from the television remote (just for a few minutes, just long enough to get my blog written and say goodnight). Problem solved. Blog written. Now it is time to switch the batteries back and spend a little while with my friends at HGTV. Goodnight!