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Today I took a ride out to my old school to help a friend put together her classroom for the fall. She isn’t supposed to be up on step-stools, so my height and ability to climb came in handy.

Grant and I married at the end of his first year teaching there and I became the permanent sixth grade room mother for his classes. As a newlywed I never imagined that twenty-some years later I would realize my never-quite-abandoned dream of being a teacher when I was hired as an intern at that same school.

Fast-forward ten years. He retired earlier than he really wanted. I followed, but continued to volunteer and sub, not really wanting to stay, but not being able to let go. I was so heavily invested in the school, in the kids and their families, in my colleagues.

But things change. Administrators change, situations change. It has been nearly a year since my last trip out to school and I wasn’t totally sure that this visit was a good idea. But my friend needed help, so I went.

I’m cured! I enjoyed visiting briefly with the janitors and hearing how things were going. It was good to see the new health clinic as we drove through town. But I don’t need to go back. They don’t need me anymore, and I have let go. I’m cured.