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For several glorious years I made the trek to Sacramento with Duon and other friends for the Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival. When the course catalog would arrive (months ahead of time) we would pour over it for weeks while we juggled our schedules, our wallets, and our skill levels until we found just the right mix of classes. Then the Festival would come and we would meet each challenge in our own way, beginning each project during the workshop and progressing at our own pace. Back at home I would make a few stitches in each before tucking the tote bag into the depths of my bedroom closet.

Meanwhile, Duon would return home and immediately tackle her favorite project. When that was completed, she would go on to the next, and so on. And the next time I walked into her home I would be greeted by her completed pieces, beautifully framed and hanging for everyone to enjoy. (Mine were all still in their tote bags in my closet.)

When I moved last year I consolidated the totes into one bag, still unfinished, and put them into storage.

Last week at the Close To My Heart Convention, each day included a creative session where we were given all the components of a new project, as well as coaching and time to work on them. I’m pretty slow (and very easily distracted…can you say “Oh, squirrel!”), so I didn’t get anything finished.

Today at our Second Saturday Scrap I vowed to focus and finish. No more incomplete projects mouldering in the closet for this gal. So I pulled the first project bag out of my new CTMH backpack and got to work. When I finished that set of cards, I sat them upon on my display table and started in on the next partially completed set. After I finished those, it was two-page album spread time.

By the end of our time together I had finished two sets of (multiple) cards and two two-page album layouts, all of them started at Convention. I still have a set of cards and a mini-album left, but those haven’t even been started yet, so they aren’t hanging over my head. (That’s not all I got done…I told the gang about our adventures at Convention, including our 5K from Downtown Disney through California Adventure and back, and teased them with glimpses of the new products available August first.)

One of the very first promises I learned as a Blue Bird in first grade was “to finish what I begin”. I feel good about what I finished today.