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A little while after the girls and I got home from our church’s summer swim party, I realized that I was becoming uncharacteristically grumpy. I retreated to my room…better that than being a downer for everyone else…but soon realized that I needed to do something more proactive than playing games on my computer.

So I returned to the kitchen table and the creating that started the day off so nicely. (I’m making samples of one of Close To My Heart’s new paper lines to swap with other consultants, and today was my day to design a Halloween-themed greeting card for us.) Creating and using an assembly line to put everything together is very new to me, as I tend to design “as I go” and “by the seat of my pants”, so to speak. But it is an intriguing discipline, and helps me keep my focus.

Anyway, I still had six cards waiting to be completed, so I sat down at the table, grabbed iTunes on my phone, and was greeted by my absolute favorite music by The Doors…”Alabama Song”. I could feel my grumpy mood lifting as I added my voice to theirs, and by the time “LA Woman” finished I was my own self again.

Goodnight, everyone. Thank you, Jim Morrison and crew…I’m so grateful I was able to see you in concert.