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Our backyard is undergoing a wonderful transformation from a place where stuff (mostly weeds) just grows out of hand and is ugly to a place of order and enjoyment. Tonight the first of two new raised beds was built with great excitement and anticipation. And perhaps my favorite part of the project is that it is not MY project. My input to date has been a bit of advice here and there, and reminders about what veggies can be planted when.

I loved watching my granddaughters fill their little wheel barrow with garden stones, wheel it from one side of the yard to the other, and add their stones to the base of the bed. They were so proud to be able to help “build” the new garden. And they are planting pros. Lily has three years of gardening at church under her belt, and Olivia has two. When planting time comes I know they will be in the thick of things. Veggies that are grown as a family taste better to everyone!

Next comes the herb garden. I can hardly wait.