Since I was a small child I remember hearing about how important a college education was, and how highly college educations were valued in the state of California. Our junior college system was touted all across the United States as being exemplary, and our State college system was, as well. Thanks to generally tightened budgets, our state schools have struggled to obtain adequate funding from the Legislature, and the dream of a college education has become unattainable for many California students.

This week I made an astounding discovery about higher education in the state of Arkansas. Did you know that college tuition is FREE to Arkansas residents sixty years old or older? Not just junior college or a Bachelor’s Degree, but grad school, too! Senior citizens are encouraged to return to school in their retirement years, and their contributions of acquired wisdom and maturity are welcomed into the classrooms.

I think that is stellar, and applaud Arkansas for making a college education available to students who are in a position to really appreciate it.