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As a mom, if you are lucky you get to spend time with your children and their friends. If you are really lucky they invite you to be part of their socializing. And it is inevitable that certain ones will become very special to you.

As a mom I have been very blessed to be not simply tolerated, but invited to come “hang out” with my daughter, my son-in-law, and their friends. I’m sure my willingness to be their occasional designated driver home from the bar has contributed to that status, but probably the true secret of my success is my non-judgmental acceptance of each of them, where they are at that moment. (Sometimes I fall short, but I do try.)

I hope for and want the best life can bring each of them, but certain ones hold my heart, and when good things happen I react as though they were happening to my own. That happened tonight, and I am feeling very blessed.

One of my daughter’s friends, one who is so dear to me, is still enough of a newlywed that I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know her husband very well yet. But I can plainly see the difference in her since becoming his wife, and it makes my heart sing. She doesn’t just shine in his presence, but on her own, as well. And I am content.