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When I realized that three of the seven “facts about me” from yesterday’s Lovely Blog post were about vehicles, it started me thinking about the others of significance in my life. To wit:

The car known as “the big Buick”. Mom learned to drive on this 1953 fully-loaded Buick Roadmaster when I was five, and then many years and as many vacations later I learned to drive on it, too. I was also the first one to put a scratch in the paint (not a scratch, exactly — more like a gouge all the way to the base metal) not too long after I began driving it. That’s what happens when an inexperienced driver tries to take a big car through a narrow drive next to a set of tall steps. I was SO terrified to tell Daddy what had happened. His response? “Well, I guess we better go get some paint and fix it.” Not only was I allowed to live, but I continued driving!

My college room mate’s shiny new 1969 VW Fastback that I totaled coming back to Fresno from a weekend at the Coast. I flipped it over going 65 mph, rolled it three times, landed on the wheels on the edge of an embankment, and walked away with a skinned shin. The CHP officer’s question to us as we returned to the car after calling home? “Does anybody know what happened to the body?” Somewhere Daddy has a picture he took of the wreck in the salvage yard. It will give you chills!

My 1959 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon that Daddy bought me to replace Margie’s wrecked VW. She was the perfect car for a college student — could go from yard sale to yard sale with aplomb, and was a great help when moving, too. This was the first car with a name. I called her Phaedra.

Phaedra was her name (the only extant picture, to my knowledge)

Phaedra was her name (the only extant picture, to my knowledge)

The 1980 Harley Davidson ElectraGlide that caused — or was caused by — a marriage proposal. We went on our honeymoon on it, and it accompanied us into our wedding-night motel room in Los Banos. (It wouldn’t have been safe parked outside.) That is an entire story in itself.

Leaving the church...1980 HD 80 cu. in. ElectroGlide

Leaving the church…1980 HD 80 cu. in. ElectroGlide

And you have probably read the horror stories about my Jeep’s new engine adventures. I don’t want to tempt fate by talking any more about that.

I think this is a story to be continued. Sweet dreams.