My sister and brother-in-law made it to California today, and even though I will not be seeing them this trip, I am so happy they are here. I know it makes no sense, but my heart’s logic says that having her in California is much better than in Ohio. This is a sentimental journey for them, back to the town of his childhood. I hope it is a satisfying visit for them both.

Visits “home” are hard sometimes. Vistas change, landmarks disappear or are replaced, you no longer run into friends on every street corner. Or (possibly even worse) you do, and they have changed so much that you have no memory of why you were ever friends.

And going home when your parents are no longer living is bittersweet, at best. I know half of that story, as I go home each month to my parents’ home without Mom there. In my case her personality was so strong (and collections so numerous) that reminders are everywhere, and I glory in them.

Happy traveling, Melody and Ken.