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A blogging friend of mine recently put out a call for guest bloggers to appear on her site on Sundays. She calls them “Ruby Slippers”, and has had some very delightful guest posts. With some trepidation I shot her an email volunteering for a guest post, and received a gracious affirmative reply.

Then the fun (and challenge) began. Never did I think that picking a favorite blog post would be so difficult! It was rather like having to pick a favorite child…well nigh impossible.

I began at the beginning and read forward, taking notes along the way of posts that I thought might have a wide appeal. Then I whittled my list down to two, which I sent back to my friend with a request that she make the final selection. And on Sunday we will see her choice.

Meanwhile, if you would like to visit her at Peace, Love, and Patchouli, here you are.