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I had the rare pleasure tonight of going grocery shopping with my daughter. Just the two of us, with the little girls at home in bed. Life is so busy these days that having time where I don’t have to share her with anyone else is an unexpected pleasure.

We are turning over a new leaf at our house, with a week’s menus planned and shopped for in advance. There are dual goals here: to actively improve the nutritional value of our diets (especially the girls’) and to try to rein in the food budget. Control, planning, and team work are the keys.

We are also helping Lily begin basic cooking skills. She already makes a mean Mac and Cheese, and tonight she followed a recipe from one of her kids’ cook books and made Banana-Strawberry Pancakes for dinner. They were delicious! She wants to be able to cook dinner at least one night a week, which should work out well for everyone.

The next leg of our new healthier eating habits will be eating veggies fresh from the garden. And the garden is beginning to sprout, so that phase will happen sooner than later.

Here’s to a healthier Fall.