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Grace is not my strong point. In fact, when our family was totally immersed in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), I named myself Katrina of Dresden, with the sobriquet “Kate the Clumsy” (basically a Kate in a china shop). This afternoon I had one of those Clumsy Kate moments, as I parked my Jeep in front of the house and managed to trip over a generally popped down pop-up sprinkler head, caught my sandal (and my instep) on the side of said sprinkler head, and just narrowly avoided falling on my face. It amazes me how one can wrench her entire body in the process of not falling down!

So tonight I’m sitting here all creaky, wishing this family had a resident masseuse to smooth out the kinks in my back. And tomorrow I will be either too stiff to move, or all better. I’m crossing my fingers for all better!

(And KLMSYK8 was the license plate on my little red Chevy S10.)