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Today started bright and early as I stopped by Save Mart for chocolate and a birthday card on my way to the doll sale. Set up started at 8:00 a.m., but I had everything ready when I left yesterday, and only needed to add a few things from Aunt Betty once I got there.

I didn’t sell a single doll until 1:30 (we opened at 10:00), but boy! were the vintage trims and buttons jumping off the table and into bags and purses! It is so satisfying to have someone say, “I need a piece of ecru lace about this (show with fingers) wide,” and to be able to find some for her.



It was also fun to watch the little girls come in, some with their grammies and others with mom and dad. One family with three girls came last year and stayed until the raffle drawing (and won something, too); they did the same thing today, along with grandmother and cousins. The oldest of the three has just discovered using handkerchiefs to make doll clothes, so she made several trips back and forth. Mom, who was the queen of “make something out of handkerchiefs” must have been beaming down from Heaven! And the youngest discovered my old leather gloves, chose a pair of black ones “because they fit me”, paid with two dollar bills and one dollar in mostly dimes, then announced, “Now I am officially broke!” The whole family was delightful!

The wicker basket was filled with lovely handkerchiefs and purses.

The wicker basket was filled with lovely handkerchiefs and purses.

But the item of the day was the little yo-yo comforter Aunt Betty made. If I had a dime for every time someone exlcaimed over how tiny the yo-yos were, I might have been able to buy it myself! But I didn’t, because when I got to Aunt Betty’s yesterday the finished tiny red and white one was finished and laying on my pillow!

Aunt Betty's coverlet, front and center

Aunt Betty’s coverlet, front and center

And now I’m falling asleep writing, so I’ll say “goodnight” and “happy Saturday”. Goodnight!