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I started the day (after taking Lily to school) with a visit to Quick Care with my left ear lobe swollen near to splitting, and swelling journeying down the side of my neck. I had to update everything–new insurance card, etc.–as it had been two years since my last doctor visit. (I’m not complaining, mind you.)

The diagnosis? Either I had an “outer ear” infection or something bit me behind the ear. Either way, I obviously had an infection and the P.A. was quick to write a couple of prescriptions. Thanks to Georgia for helping me get the ear drops properly installed, so that my steroid/antibiotics could start to work immediately. And thanks to her, too, for actually sending me to the clinic. I probably would have just ignored my swollen face and toughed it out, but she insisted I go. “It’s too close to your brain to ignore,” she wisely told her mom who would much rather avoid doctors.

I’m not posting a picture; no point in grossing everyone out. I’m hoping tonight will be a better night for sleeping, now that the medicines have taken hold. And perhaps I’ll get lucky and wake up with an unswollen face.