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My most favorite kind of day is a day spent with family. And when the family includes Daddy and my sister — well, it doesn’t get much better than that! After flying out for Daddy’s birthday earlier this week, Melody drove them both to Visalia for the day…and a lovely day it was, too.

Daddy and Melody

Daddy and Melody

Olivia relished having her Great Grandad and Aunt Melody all to herself while big sister was at school. She sat on Daddy’s lap and messed his hair up over and over, just the way her mama used to when she was little. Aunt Melody willingly played “My Little Ponies” with her and let her be a puppy to her heart’s content. Then when Lily got home, playtime just got better. She brought the checkerboard out, and the race was on!

Georgia got home from work in time to get in on the fun, too. If I had driven to the coast to see Daddy and Melody, Georgia and the girls would have missed out.

There was no exciting agenda for the day, no special place to go to, just the chance to look around the room and see my loved ones up close. We are a family that doesn’t do drama; what we do is togetherness and tlc. And that’s what we had today: Nine hours of togetherness, story-telling, hugs, photo album sharing, and memory making. Then they had to go home.

I wish we could do it again tomorrow!