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Today started my Olive Garden host training. It has been a long time since I have started a new job “from scratch”, so my brain was a bit overloaded by the time we finished. Some of the first consternation was with what to call me…I have been “Georgia’s Mom” or “Mrs. Georgia’s Mom” to many of the team members for several years! I assured them that Fawn would work just fine, although I will still answer to Georgia’s Mom. It will be interesting to see what Georgia actually ends up calling me. As usual, my request was, “Please just don’t call me Fern.”

After six hours of training, I came home and crashed on the couch in the middle of Lily and Olivia. A nap felt so very good, and gave me the oomph to enjoy the Helping One Woman dinner later on. Tonight’s honoree was the mother of Josh, a high school student who is battling a rare cancer. A highlight of the evening for me was the arrival of the entire Mt. Whitney HS Girls’ Volleyball team. What a lovely group of young ladies, all there to support the family of their friend!

And when dinner was over, I headed back to Olive Garden to bring Georgia home. It was a satisfying day.