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Tonight, friends, I believe I’m suffering from TBS — Tired Brain Syndrome. It is perfectly all right if you don’t recognize that particular syndrome, as I just made it up! There is so much going on as I write this (about 11:30 p.m. Pacific Time), but it sounds like the road crew is doing its best to irritate everyone within the sound of their back-up beepers.

Tomorrow is the funeral of a delightful man who was a regular at our local Chinese restaurant and bar; having him die of a massive coronary at 57 leaves a Moose-sized hole in my heart. I hope the celebration after the service reflects the love many shared for him.

Halloween decorations — cute ones, not scary — are beginning to appear around our house. Perhaps I’ll get a picture posted tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, I’m yawning to beat the band. Time for sleep. Sweet dreams.