After this morning’s special breakfast at Olive Garden to celebrate reaching Diamond Club status within the company, the girls and I had a pretty lazy day. I even managed to slip in a nap…I was ostensibly reading Jane Austen, but fell right to sleep. (Sorry, Lenita…I might be hopeless.)

Then I realized that the Giants vs. Nationals game was still in progress, and decided to watch the last two innings before pulling out my crafting materials and making some cards to honor National Card Making Day (I didn’t even know it was a holiday before today). An easy quick innings and over? Not even close! When I started watching after the 7th inning stretch, the Giants were down 0-1. I think Washington was starting to relax, too, when the Giants scored on their last at bat in the 9th inning to tie the game. I really thought the second run was good, too, but the umpires had a more accurate view than I did, I guess.

Georgia in her Panda rally hat, cheering for Pablo Sandoval.

Georgia in her Panda rally hat, cheering for Pablo Sandoval.

So inning after inning I cheered and cringed and yelled at the television, until the Giants finally scored in the 18th inning, and the Nationals were unable to answer. My quick couple of innings ended up lasting over two hours — the entire game took six hours plus, a league record. But at the end of the day I was happy, my Giants won, and the playoffs will continue Monday in San Francisco.

Happy Saturday!