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This morning’s running around was in pursuit of making me legal again. My Jeep tags expired in July, and my driver’s license is only good for another week, so this morning was devoted to getting both back as they should be.

I got lucky, as there was no line at the Star Certified Smog Station (I still don’t understand why certain smog inspections must be done at Star Certified stations, and others not. But mine did.) And a mere $50 later I had that smog certificate in hand and was on my way to AAA to pay my long-overdue registration. Our AAA membership pays for itself each time we can register our vehicles there instead of through the DMV, and receive our new tags instantly rather than waiting for them to come in the mail.

I only had to wait a few minutes for the local AAA office to open, and then had a very brief wait inside before leaving with my shiny new “2015” tag for my plates. I can now drive to the coast this afternoon without being concerned when the California Highway Patrol officer pulls behind me in traffic!

Being brave, I decided to head to the DMV to renew my license, without making an appointment first. Not my best idea, for sure! I waited in line for an eternity that was really about thirty minutes, filled out paperwork, then went back to the “red carpet” line (there really is a red carpet in the Disabled/Appointments line) for my number, and found a seat. A few minutes later a helpful employee came to the front of the room and announced that for people who were still getting their numbers there was a minimum two-hour wait. Yikes! But if we so desired, we could come up to her window to make appointments for later on in the week.

I practically ran behind her to her window to make my appointment. I’ll be back on Friday morning to finish the job.