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This was one of those magical days where everything just fell into place, and that place ended up being my happy heart!

Our Second Saturday Scrap group met today, although on an abbreviated schedule. Five of my nicest scrapping friends and I spent six hours scrapbooking and making jewelry together at The Little House. We at brownies and hummus (not together), drank copious amounts of tea and water, and talked to meet the band. And then we cleaned up faster than I would have believed possible so that I could zoom across town, run into the house, change clothes, and be back in my Jeep 10 minutes later.

Because I had an appointment to keep in Three Rivers at 5:30 p.m. My sweet friend Elise (daughter of wonderful friend Ann) was getting married after a seven-year engagement, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

The White Horse Inn in Three Rivers, CA., is an ideal venue for an outdoor wedding, and our October evening was absolutely perfect. The bride was exquisite, her groom handsome and totally smitten, and her parents proudly shared in the communal happiness.

I love weddings, especially intimate drama-free ones, and this one filled the bill perfectly. Happy wedding, Chris and Elise.

A cluster of cakes!

A cluster of cakes!