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Once again I am grateful for the generosity of friends. (I started to say “church friends”, but realized they are friends in all areas of my life these days.) Today the first little guy born into our congregation (to the first couple married by our priest) celebrated his first birthday. This grand occasion occurred during coffee hour after the service, and was our chance to acknowledge that the adorable tiny baby has become a small person who babbles and plays and makes us all smile. My granddaughters have been looking forward to it for weeks.

Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work this morning, as was my daughter and my husband-who-lives-across-town. But here is where the gratitude steps in. As I was contemplating disappointing the girls because I couldn’t take them to church and they would miss the party, dear friends volunteered to play “substitute grandparents” for the day. So I was able to take them to church and leave early to get to work, content knowing that they would be able to celebrate with our young friend and his family, and then be safely returned home.

Thank you, Sharon and Walter…your friendship is a blessing to us all.