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Many of you know that my latest life adventure has been a return to part-time employment as a host at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Visalia, CA. Every day I meet guests that make me smile, brighten my day, and make me glad to welcome them into our restaurant.

Over the past couple of weeks I have become acquainted with Devo, a charming lady with a “Never Ending Pasta Pass” that entitles her to our Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion from September 22 until November 9. Every day. For six weeks. That’s a lot of pasta! And thus far she hasn’t missed a day.

Not only has she been coming in each day, but she has asked to have her picture taken with servers, hosts, and crew, and posted them on her Instagram. So our managers printed some of the pictures and made a collage, which we were pleased to give to her yesterday. We have had so much fun with her that I asked permission to share her story with all of you.

Devo the "Pasta Pass Lady" and her Collage

Devo the “Pasta Pass Lady” and her Collage

Thank you, Devo, for your enthusiasm and loyalty!