I have been having so much fun playing with the Base & Bling jewelry from Close To My Heart. I imagine Mom watching from Heaven as I pick up one of her crafty interests this late in life. Feel free to ignore the shameless plug for my business, but enjoy the beauty of the necklaces. – Fawn

Photo Fun With Fawn

I have been putting together some Base and Bling necklaces in anticipation of my booth at the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin’s Convention this weekend, and wanted to share them with you.

Base and Bling Necklaces:  "Know Thyself" and "Faith" Base and Bling Necklaces: “Know Thyself” and “Faith”

The top one is a Faux Antiqued Silver Square Pendant (Z1962) with “Know Thyself” from the Journey Style Sheet (Z2054) and the Owl charm from the Free Thinker charm set (Z1957). The bottom necklace is a Faux Antiqued Gold Oval Pendant (Z2007) with “Faith” from the same style sheet and the Key from the Free Thinker charm set.

With the addition of a chain and glass cover for each, and some Liquid Glass to adhere them together, each necklace only takes about ten minutes to make. To order the components for yours (they make wonderful gifts), visit my Online Business Address.

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