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There is such joy to be found in traveling with like-minded women. I don’t mean “like-minded” as in being in agreement on everything, but being equally open to new ideas and new experiences. Such were my traveling companions this weekend. The conversations began when we got into the car together, continued throughout the drive to Modesto, in the nooks and crannies between the church services, meals, a few hours sleeping, and on again today.

Case in point: Bathroom struggles. There weren’t any. Four women, one hotel room, one bathroom, limited time to get ready…an easy, relaxed calling of turns (two to shower in the evening, two the next morning). No one primping in the bathroom to the exclusion of the others. No one who devoted more than a few minutes to face and hair. Just pleasure in each other’s company and the happy exchange of ideas. Ideas about ministry, family, church, school, community, music, food, health…life!

So to Teri, Suzy, and Nancy…thank you. Thank you for being wonderful traveling companions, both “on the road” and here in town.

And to Walt, who brought me home so that I didn’t have to hang around during the after-convention meetings, thank you. Thank you for listening to the World Series on the car radio with me and remembering transistor radios at school. Thank you for being such a gentleman and schlepping all my scrapbooking stuff. Just thank you for being you.

Nancy and Walt "flying" the doves after the recessional.

Nancy and Walt “flying” the doves after the recessional.