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Tonight is beginning to look like a great night for sleeping. I came home from work just slightly chilled by the newly Fall air, and then added to my chill with a big bowl of Dreyer’s ice cream. Yum!

Our weather has been so hot for so long that I welcome the opportunity to get a bit cold around the edges. Although as Olivia and I were on our way to preschool and she heard the weather report for later next week, she commented, “Seriously, Grammy? Rain, on Halloween?” It is hard for me to remember Halloween from her vantage point, but I do know that rain was definitely not in the plan. (At my sister’s in Ohio, they sometimes have not only rain, but snow! I cannot imagine trick or treating all bundled up and warm. And the children quite often do not add a warmer layer to their costumes to account for the snow.)

But I’m not whining about anticipated rain, not at all! Our valley…no, our entire state, would consider rain any day this week to be a treat, rather than a treat. May you sleep all cozy, and dream of gentle rains.