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As moms, most of us do our best to protect and shelter our young ones from the vicissitudes of daily life. We run interference when their siblings are tormenting them, suggesting alternative activities that might be more satisfying to all parties. We encourage them to develop their own resources in imaginative play. And we cook for them, developing certain foods over the years that never fail to bring smiles to their faces. To me, these are some of the most glorious parts of mothering.

So you can imagine how good it felt tonight that when my youngest requested a grilled cheese sandwich (made by me, even though she was entirely capable of doing it herself) because she was feeling down in the dumps, and I brought said sandwich to her hidey-hole, her response was, “Awww, you cut it like a butterfly,too.” Simple gestures made in love, received in love, and modeled for others. What could be more satisfying for a mother than that?

May you always be aware of the simple things given and received in love.