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My plan for this evening was to spend it at the kitchen table, preparing a few sample Christmas cards for my Second Saturday Scrapbooking ladies as a “sneak peek” for next month’s workshop. I printed out my cutting diagrams and pictures of what they should look like, and managed to cut about 5 pieces of paper to their designated sizes.

Before I could even develop a rhythm, the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came on the television. Lily was intrigued, Olivia not so much. Soon she was asking whether we could go into my room, as the movie was scaring her and there was lightning. And while I love Johnny Depp, I absolutely do not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so I was pretty easily convinced to go hang out in my room with Olivia.

It didn’t take her long to move in. First came an animal or two and a book. Then she decided she needed a more comfy blanket than the one from my bed, so her favorite Tinkerbell blanket arrived. Next came 12 stuffed animals and one light-up ladybug, just so she could be cuddly. Meanwhile I was messing around on my computer, playing games and checking in on my favorite groups.

Next we read Max the Bad-Talking Parrot (one of my favorites) while snuggling on the bed. But wait…the bed was no longer comfy. Now it was time to move to the floor. She, Pluto, and her Tinkerbell blanket settled down at my feet, until she declared my carpet itchy. So off we went back into her room to find a small quilt to lie down on, as well as a blanket for Pluto.

Just as she was settling into her new spot on the floor, in came Lily to announce that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was over (in other words, it was safe to come out now). So Olivia abandoned me, her blankets, and all of her animals, and I decided this was an excellent time to write.

Of course, now that I’m occupied, she has come back, with a request that I go cuddle with her in her room. I don’t get enough opportunities to do that, so I’m done, and heading off for cuddle time. Sweet dreams.