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Lately I have been thinking a lot about living a philosophy of abundance rather than one of scarcity. I have long been captivated with the concept of having a hand open to give also meaning having a hand open to receive. That hand tightly gripping a valued item to keep from losing it — whether money, prestige, food, or other possessions — effectively shuts off the ability to accept anything else of value.

In my role as stay-at-home Grammy (aka head chauffeur), I put a lot of fuel in my Jeep. There are weeks that I feel as though I am hitting the gas station every other day, as the price tag associated with filling the tank all at once is simply too overwhelming. (That being said, Costco in Visalia has the best price on gasoline in town, and I have been enjoying watching the price per gallon drop over the past few weeks.)

I realized this morning on the way to Costco that filling my tank completely (or mostly, as I did today) gives me that “Glass full” feeling I don’t get when I put in $10.00 or $20.00. The simple knowledge that my gas tank is nearly full opens up a whole world of possibilities that doesn’t exist when I just put in enough to run a day’s errands. Having the fuel gauge on the verge of empty engenders a feeling of “not enough”, a discomfort that runs disturbingly close to panic.

Tonight, I wish for you whatever it takes to fill your psychic “tank”, to let you realize how blessed you are, and lets you become a blessing for others. May you have (and be) enough.