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I have had such an Attention Deficit — Oh! Shiny! day today. Other than our Wednesday morning Bible study, I haven’t been able to keep my brain focused on anything long enough to get started, let alone make progress. My grand plan before going to sleep last night was to get home from our study breakfast, get out my card-making supplies, and spend the bulk of the day creating cards for my upcoming vendor events. But it didn’t work out that way.

After a very necessary trip to the grocery store, Olivia talked me into playing school because she’d “never been a kid who goes to school”. (I guess preschool doesn’t count.) She then explained to me that because I “really don’t remember how to be a teacher, I should just follow her lead and she would show me.” I concentrated more of my efforts on following her lead playing school than on anything else all day.

So here I sit, nothing much accomplished today, making my plan for tomorrow. And tomorrow I absolutely must create Christmas cards, etc., for sale. So after I get the girls up and delivered to school and preschool, I’m coming home to work in peace and quiet…no distractions, no squirrels, and the only “Oh! Shiny!” objects will be the ones I’m making.

May you have a restful sleep tonight and a productive day tomorrow. Sweet dreams.