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I’m feeling like a bit of a wimp tonight. I have been cold all day; I have dragged out my quilted slippers, but even my nose is cold. Our temperature reached a balmy (NOT!) 65 degrees today, and the house is sitting at 72. Some people air condition their homes cooler than that in the summer. But I’m still cold.

My sister in Ohio enjoyed a high of 39 degrees today, with a low of 25 expected tonight. And Monday they will have snow, with possible low temps of 10 degrees. Ugh. I can’t imagine living voluntarily in a place where it gets that cold!

I realize some of my east coast friends would look at 65 degrees as shorts weather. But I know what warm weather is. Warm weather is 80+. And while I am enjoying the changing color of the leaves and their beauty as they fall gently to the ground, I am missing warmer weather. And feeling like a wimp.

May you stay warm and cozy tonight.