Today’s prompt for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) wants to know whether or not I have a book in me, aside from my blog. And if so, fact or fiction, related to my blogging or not. So here goes:

I had a book in me once upon a time. It was a children’s book — a fantasy about Boombersnitzel the Bashful Elf and his friend, the Fairy Felicity. I finished it years ago, but am not completely satisfied with the ending. It needs more work. It also needs illustrations, so I might set Lily on that task.

And I actually would like to turn my blog into a book someday. Not every single post, of course, but a select sampling. There is plenty of time to do that, however. And along the way I hope to keep improving my writing style and my voice. But right now I need to go to sleep! Sweet dreams.