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Last night my granddaughters were having their Thanksgiving vacation from bedtime as I wrote my blog post. As I hit “publish” the big one was reading Harry Potter and the little one was just playing quietly on the couch. Both were enjoying staying up all night.

About 12:30, the big one fell asleep with Harry Potter on her face, and the little one crashed and burned. (I stayed up and read ’til nearly 3:00 a.m.) Fast forward to 10:00 this morning, when Lily woke up. Her first words: “I made it!” She was incredulous when her mother told her that she had been asleep for hours.

She did enjoy hearing that she was not the first of us to fall asleep reading Harry Potter, though, and loved hearing about my return-to-college habit of reading my textbooks on the couch and being awakened by having them smack me in the face as they fell out of my hands.

Another family tradition is born!